The Sunrise Girl

by Lisa Wolstenholme

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The Sunrise Girl by Lisa Wolstenholme
She really should know better…

Lucy’s life was fun and uncomplicated. Nights were spent partying with best friend Em, doing what twenty-somethings do: dancing, drinking and ditching any men who wanted more than just a one-night stand.

All Joe Morris wanted was for Lucy to be his devoted wife. Now two years have passed since Joe’s death and Lucy wakes at sunrise reliving the events of that fateful night harbouring a guilty secret she knows will cause her house of cards to tumble.

When Em suggests a holiday to the clubbing island of Ibiza, Lucy jumps at the chance to escape her woes and reignite a lifestyle she’d long since left behind. Ibiza doesn’t disappoint and Lucy wants more, but is it all just a smokescreen? Lucy’s past won’t stay buried for long and she knows what she should do but at what cost?

Can she figure it out before it’s too late, or will Lucy always be the sunrise girl?

A sexy, emotive tale of a thirty-something woman’s struggle to reconcile her past in the wake of tragedy and figure out what she truly wants.

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The Sunrise Girl by Lisa Wolstenholme