Executing Justice (Reunion Trilogy #3)

by Imogene Nix

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 28th, 2020  | 

Executing Justice by Imogene Nix
The end game is looming, but whether the last of the Ito family will find his happily ever after is in the balance.

Tomi Ito must deal with the knowledge that the woman he's loved forever, Gillian Edgemont, thinks he's abandoned her in her time of need. But when he's abducted, she's there to help save him.

Gillian is running from the wreck of her life and the unrequited passion she holds for her former boss, Senator Tomi Ito. When he follows her to Vega II so does the danger that's been dogging the Ito family.

As the finale looms, does it include a future for Tomi and Gillian? Or will it all turn to ashes?

'Executing Justice' is tagged as:

  • fantasy 2
  • multicultural 2
  • military 2
  • science fiction 2
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Executing Justice by Imogene Nix