Gilded Craving: Cowboy Justice Association (Serials and Stalkers #3)

by Olivia Jaymes

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Gilded Craving: Cowboy Justice Association by Olivia Jaymes
Ryan Beck has had issues with his wealthy family his entire life. His parents wanted him to be a carbon copy of themselves, but what they got instead was a son determined to live life his own way. He keeps his distance from his mother and father and their privilege soaked world. He learned early on that material items couldn’t replace love.

His only regret is leaving behind Mariah Campbell. She’s the closest he’s ever come to real love, but they just couldn’t make it work between them. He consoles himself knowing that she wouldn’t fit into his current lifestyle, and he could never fit into hers.

When the body of a well-to-do young man is discovered at a construction site, Ryan realizes that he’s about to get pulled back into the world of country clubs, champagne parties, and limousines. Unfortunately, he knew the victim many years ago.

Now he’s searching for his friend’s killer and that means seeing Mariah again, bringing back the past and all the feelings that he’d thought he’d forgotten.

She just might be more dangerous than any murderer could ever be.

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Gilded Craving: Cowboy Justice Association by Olivia Jaymes