Kentucky Dreams (Sagebrush Ranch #2)

by Marlene Worrall

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Kentucky Dreams by Marlene Worrall
Dana and Graham continue in their relentless pursuit to win the Kentucky Derby. Flaming Bullet, their previous colt was tampered with before the Derby, causing his run to be aborted. Now, they suspect foul play with their new colt. With sinister forces impacting their quest to train a colt to win the Derby, they nevertheless, continue their pursuit.

When Dana is kidnapped, Graham suspects Danielle her step-mom is involved. Graham must raise three million for her release; after duping the kidnappers with fake money. He is forced to refinance Sugarbush and call in favors to raise the cash.
Danielle is obsessed with wresting Graham away from Dana. Her sinister, bizarre plan takes an unlikely twist when she winds up in a psyche ward. A gifted amateur actress, Danielle convincingly fakes a nervous breakdown, complete with the onslaught of multiple personalities she insists are controlling her.
Dana and Graham buy a new colt. If they work at fever pitch, and all goes well, they will have the colt ready to compete for the roses in May and hopefully win. However, in the demanding, competitive, sinister world of horse racing, invisible enemies taunt them at every turn. Was their new colt poisoned just minutes after they bought him? They’d granted the owner his sentimental farewell to the colt. In their excitement, they had not considered that the colt would be vulnerable to foul play, since he was momentarily out of their sight. Is the damage inflicted on the colt serious? Or is he a potential winner?
Danielle is wiped out when she marries a con artist. She determines to not only make a comeback but also take another crack at Graham. She masterminds a wicked and bizarre plan to get rid of Dana, since her miraculous escape from kidnappers has given Dana back her freedom. Will Dana and Graham figure out her diabolical plot before it is too late?

When Graham hires a P.I. to check Danielle’s past, it is discovered that she has spent time in prison. He determines to extricate Danielle from their lives. But Danielle has more than one creative trick up her sleeve. Will Dana and Graham figure out Danielle’s sinister plot to destroy Dana in time?

Read the conclusion to this unique, dramatic life set in Kentucky’s Bluegrass country as it unfolds, revealing their glorious, burgeoning relationship brimming with God’s amazing surprises and their growing love and mutual gifting.
Walk with them through the challenges of their relationship, made more complex, with Danielle’s bizarre obsession to attract Graham and win his love.

Find out how the challenge of winning the purse finally brings them to a breaking point. Obsessed with the goal of winning the Kentucky Derby, they must overcome a myriad of obstacles, not the least of which, is the poisoning of their new colt.
Still, they cannot be deterred from pursuing their God-given dream of winning the Kentucky Derby.

Danielle’s evil plans and motives fueled by her all-consuming jealousy toward Dana will finally be discovered before it is too late.

What lessons do they need to learn and pass on from their relentless pursuit of winning the coveted Kentucky Derby? How can they stay focused on their mission and goal while the wicked Danielle is determined to interfere in their lives causing trauma and conflict

Discover the strange and exciting events and “coincidental” occurrences in the story as we head toward the remarkable conclusion of their story.

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Kentucky Dreams by Marlene Worrall