Venice Dusk: A Vampire Royalty Romance (Vampire Sovereigns #1)

by Kendrai Meeks, Killian McRae

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Venice Dusk: A Vampire Royalty Romance by Kendrai Meeks, Killian McRae
Vampires don't fall in love. Until they do.

She seeks solace in her art…

Portia Kepler had always dreamed of spending a season in Venice, even if it’s with a broken heart. Alone in a foreign land, she plays tourist by day and artist by night, waiting in Piazza San Marco for the mysterious stranger to pass by. The moment he’s in sight, her pen sets to work, capturing the outlines of a man she could never have.

He protects Venice from a killer on the loose…

Each night, he walks, searching for the rogue vampire threatening the tourists of the city. But when the redhead who sits at the café distracts him from his duties and tempts his affections, Massimo Brunelli, Vampiric Doge of Venice, will use all the power of his crown to secure Portia’s safety, even if it cost him his heart along the way.

Can she bring light to his world of shadow?

As a vampire sovereign, Massimo knows his love brings danger to his beloved. The currents pushing them together are too strong to fight, however. Portia longs to give in, but loving again is a leap of faith she may not survive. And with an ancient enemy closing in, what she needs from Massimo may be the one thing he can’t give her: time.

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Venice Dusk: A Vampire Royalty Romance by Kendrai Meeks, Killian McRae