Love in the Vineyards (The Winemakers Trilogy #2)

by Laura Bradbury

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Love in the Vineyards by Laura Bradbury
What could go wrong when New Yorker Sadie spends Christmas in France with her best friend Luc on his incredible winery in Burgundy? Everything, as it turns out.

Sadie, fresh off a devastating blow to her career as an archaeologist, makes the trip with her gorgeous twin sister Stella, who Luc her childhood friend Luc has been in love with since they were all seven.

Luc has decided that the time has come to finally make Stella his, but an unexpected kiss between him and Sadie throws everything into chaos. Just as Luc starts to wonder if his heart was mistaken all along, Sadie begins a life-changing dig with a handsome and aristocratic British archaeologist and Stella arrives back on the scene.

Among the delicious wine and scrumptious food of French wine country, family secrets are revealed, hearts are changed, and true love might even find a way in the rolling vineyards of France.

"Your books have seriously made me fall in love with reading again! Thank you!" - Amazon reviewer

"Bradbury’s Grape Series feels like a series of honest and funny letters sent from a friend about her fascinating (and sometimes baffling) life in France. A beautiful read.”—JANICE MACLEOD, New York Times bestselling author of Paris Letters and A Paris Year

“Bradbury’s Grape Series takes the reader on a romantic adventure into the heart, soul, and people of la belle France. Filled with delicious food, love, and laughter, Bradbury’s writing proves that you have to dare to follow your heart wherever it leads you...and that sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone to truly live.”—SAMANTHA VÉRANT, author of How to Make a French Family and Seven Letters from Paris

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Love in the Vineyards by Laura Bradbury