Unleashing the Beast: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance (Dark Moon Prisoners #2)

by Aline Ash

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Unleashing the Beast: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance by Aline Ash
Kidnapped by alien outlaws and locked in a private zoo exhibition, Eva’s only hope of freedom lies with the broken hunk of a warrior who shares her enclosure…


When I was rescued from the horrors of Gargolian slavery, I thought that was the end of my ‘breeder’ days. I joined the Tabiean rebellion and swore revenge. But when a fight goes horribly wrong, I find myself caught in the same hateful loop once more.

Collared and chained with my bare body on display, I’m poked, prodded and beaten at the amusement of my Gargolian masters and their guests at this freakish petting zoo…and I can’t take it any more. I’m getting out of here. And I think I know how.

The only problem is that my plan rests on the help of my brutish cell-mate. Once the most feared Tabian war chieftain, Tulo has a savage reputation for violence – or at least he did. Now, he doesn’t seem to care about escaping what passes for life here at this zoo anymore.

But I can see, just underneath his rough surface lies a deadly predator that’s ready to rip the world to shreds, and I’m surprised by the responding fire it lights within me.

I just need to get past his barriers to unleash the sleeping beast within. Because once he awakens… he will make them pay… in blood.


They destroyed my village, slaughtered my people…and when they abducted my sister, they took my heart with them. She is the only thing left that matters, and I’ll do everything they say to keep her safe.

I will kill on demand, breed on demand – I don’t care. All that matters is that she’s safe.

But the human breeder they’ve matched me with is threatening to change this. She’s stirred something in me, something shifts that I don’t think will ever be the same again, and as much as Eva enrages me…I crave her. I want her to be mine.

I should put an end to this, settle back into my existence here and check my most savage desires.

But it’s the one thing in this world that I have no strength to do.

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Unleashing the Beast: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance by Aline Ash