Designed For Love (Yellow Pine #1)

by Charlene Amsden

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Designed For Love by Charlene Amsden
He wants her out. She's determined to stay. Only one of them can win.

For 125 years, the Blakes and the Harpers shared a peaceful co-existence on Spitfire Ranch, then Arabella Harper inherited her great uncle’s land and the feud was on.

Raised in an orphanage and estranged from her family, Arabella moved to her new Montana property thinking she'd finally found home. 

Inheriting a cottage cluttered with car parts and ground-in motor oil? For an interior decorator, easy-peasy.

Getting along with her nearest neighbor, Griffin Blake? Beyond exasperating. 

The handsome cowboy took an instant, and obvious, dislike to her. The feeling should have been mutual but she suspected the curling sensation in the pit of her stomach whenever he came near wasn't revulsion. 

Of course, there was no reason to let him know that.

Bitter experience taught Griffin Blake that city girls soon grew bored with ranch life, yet he had a weakness for them just the same. With her flirty suits, prim manner, and dust-mop designer dog, Arabella Harper was just his type.

Which is exactly why he tried to run her off.

When that didn't work, he offered to buy her out, but she dug in her stiletto heels and stayed. 

Arabella's grit and perseverance won Griff's heart, but would she forgive him and claim it?

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Designed For Love by Charlene Amsden