Sketch: A Steel Paragons MC Novel (The Coast: #12)

by Eve R. Hart

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Sketch: A Steel Paragons MC Novel by Eve R. Hart
I wasn’t smart. I hadn’t had the best kind of life. I was messed up in the head, though I tried my hardest to hide it. I was happy just having a permanent roof over my head and a place to sleep other than the floor.
I had that now but that didn’t mean I wasn’t always afraid that it would be taken away in the blink of an eye. I did my best to make my club proud.
But somehow I’d failed recently.
I’d tried to save my past and my club at the same time.
Didn’t work out so well, but Prez showed mercy.
So I tried to move on and prove that I was all-in for the club.
I swore I’d never let them down again.
Then one random night, I stumbled into the woman that would change my life.
I wasn’t looking for a forever woman. I didn’t think I deserved one. Didn’t think I wanted one. Except there was something about her that kept me coming back even though I knew I’d never be good enough for a classy woman like her. It was like I couldn’t stay away.
Just when I started thinking we could have something, she disappeared on me.
First I had to find her.
Then I had to find a way to make her see that we weren’t done yet.

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Sketch: A Steel Paragons MC Novel by Eve R. Hart