Wild Lion: Lion Shifter Romance (Black Ops Mates #1)

by Ruby Knoxx

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Wild Lion: Lion Shifter Romance by Ruby Knoxx
I rear-ended the car of the most delicious man in LA.

Now I need to make it up to him. Here are my options:
I can pay for his damage, but I’m broke.
I can give him my insurance card, but he doesn’t want it.
I can be his fake fiancée for a fancy dinner. Um, what?

Yes, I am officially crazy, but I’m actually considering this.
Because let’s face it, I’m not myself around this guy.
He makes me feel like some hormone-crazed teenager.
How long can I keep up this professional act?

He reminds me of a wild animal. A lion maybe.
And every second in his presence makes me want more.
More of his touch, more of his lips, more of his …
I want all of him.

Will he give it to me?

Black Ops Mates is a series about a bunch of seriously hot lion shifters who always keep their cool. Except when they run into that one delicious woman that will turn their world upside down. And when that happens, they’ll obey the hungering cat within and devour what is theirs and theirs alone…

WARNING: Intended for 18+ readers.

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Wild Lion: Lion Shifter Romance by Ruby Knoxx