Tarnished Halo

by Rowan St. George

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Tarnished Halo by Rowan St. George
Human, you’ve heard the saying, “the devil made me do it!” I’m going to let you in on a little celestial secret: he did! Lucifer started a war in Heaven and the fallen traded our salvation to prove a point. In one form or another, we’ve been behind the scenes helping humanity make some questionable choices some violent, some just bad. Oh, this doesn’t absolve your bad behavior. We just nudge, small little wisps, you’re the one who makes the choice. You’ve heard of free will, right? Even the fallen have free will, all these centuries on Earth.

You can call us Fallen Angels, Demons, Devils, Watchers, it hardly matters. This is my story human. I am Tristen. I fell in love with an angel. I fell for a brother. I fell for an ideal.

When I'm assigned to Kasia, I'm already feeling weary of the destruction of man kind, but leaving the Organization isn't as easy as it sounds. I take the case, but there is just something about my new charge.

Can I change? Is there hope for a damned soul? Can the wariness in my bones take a shift to the other side of the argument? Join me – let’s find out!

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Tarnished Halo by Rowan St. George