Love Bites Forever (Hollywood's Hotshot #6)

by Gabrielle Snow

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Love Bites Forever by Gabrielle Snow
You know those defining moments in life when a decision leads to a number of different consequences?

Yeah, been there, done that.

Sleep with a celebrity. Check.

End up falling for him. Check.

Secret child. Check.

Ex-boyfriend seeking forgiveness. CHECK CHECK CHECK.

If someone had told me that getting involved with a celebrity would lead to all of this…

I would’ve never believed them.

When the heck did my life get crazier than the ridiculous show he stars in?

All of this makes a girl it more trouble than it's worth?

But then I look into those darned green eyes and my insides turn to liquid jelly.

God, please help a girl out.

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Love Bites Forever by Gabrielle Snow