Should Be Me (Alpha X Alpha #1)

by Scarlett Oakley

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 29th, 2020  | 

Should Be Me by Scarlett Oakley

One overly handsome Billionaire to be, two polar opposite girls, and the thrills of chasing a new flame versus a second chance to see what might have been…

I had left home abruptly, so I had no idea what to expect coming back, except for one thing - I want back what was once mine and that is the appallingly gorgeous Travis Nicholson.

The problem is - he’s about to become a billionaire with everything and I have nothing but a few funny stories, and bruises from my less than impressive “life”.

To make matters worse - he’s getting married to some rich queenie with “feelings” or something.

I haven't lost all hope though, because we have history. An unforgettable history, and I know deep down somewhere in his beautifully chiseled chest he remembers his promise.

I’m determined to make him remember, except when I dig deeper - I realize there’s a lot more at stake with his new bride-to-be.

Travis will have to decide between his truth, or a lifestyle most can only dream of - it’s a decision that will ultimately define him...and me.

See what it’s like to get intimate with millionaires, billionaires and the elite class for some seriously hot and steamy romance.

This book can be read as a standalone and includes a happily-ever-after ending.

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Should Be Me by Scarlett Oakley