The Way Back Home (Homecoming #2)

by Emilie Richards

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The Way Back Home by Emilie Richards

Anna Fitzgerald tries not to think about the years when she was Rosie Jensen, the stepdaughter of a powerful Minnesota senator. Now living in Florida with her young son, Ryan, she counsels the inhabitants of First Day, a shelter for runaways. No one from her past knows where she is, although she still foolishly yearns for the older sister who betrayed her.

Anna understands what the First Day inhabitants have undergone, and she knows how to help them. When Grady Clayton, Sun County prosecutor, mistakes her for a resident, Anna immediately sets him straight.

Grady is more than the scion of a wealthy Reynaldo Beach family and a candidate for State’s Attorney. He believes in finding the truth and upholding it, no matter the cost. Unfortunately, this time the cost may be too dear. Despite trying not to, he and Anna fall in love, and she knows too well how their relationship may affect his election.

Before she can move into the future, Anna must step back into her own dangerous past and tell the world her story.

Can she find a way to admit the truth and still keep Grady by her side?

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The Way Back Home by Emilie Richards