Tales of Ownership

by Elle Jamey

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Tales of Ownership by Elle Jamey
A dreamscape of depravity...

In this alternate world, wealthy sons and daughters can purchase women as chiennes, sexual pets. Lacey finds herself acquired and given into service to Benoît Serrault, a scion of one of the oldest and wealthiest families—and the older brother of her best friend.

Presented as Benoît’s graduation gift, she is renamed Chouchou, “pet,” and transformed into his new sexual plaything. As she enters into the world of privilege and erotic excess, she experiences the often dehumanizing and decadent deviance of being owned.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This BDSM novel is pure erotic fantasy and features themes of dominance and submission, graphic humiliation, pet play, lactation, orgasm control, bondage, discipline and punishment, unequal power dynamics and power exchange. This is intended for adult audiences only, and is not intended to be an accurate or realistic representation of BDSM activities.

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Tales of Ownership by Elle Jamey