Conquered by Chaos (Chaos Kings MC #5)

by Linny Lawless

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Conquered by Chaos by Linny Lawless
They call me the King of Kink. I’m a loyal brother to the Chaos Kings MC, and a Master of pain and pleasure at the Underground kink club. The women I meet there like to play in MY game. But then Lillian crosses my path, walking into our clubhouse all by her pretty little self. She’s naïve, brave and stupid, with a little bit of that snobby, better-than-everyone-else attitude. She gets under my inked-up skin, which no woman has ever done before. Not like this. I’ll have to take Lillian down off that high horse and conquer both her mind and that enticing body, until she cries for mercy, and begs for more.

I’m a perfectionist at everything I do. I was brought up that way by my overbearing mother. But one day I look at the woman in the mirror and don’t like what I see. I’ve been so blind to my own behavior at how I’ve treated others who I care about the most, and now I’m trying to set things right. But I’m shaken, like the ground shifting under my feet, when I run into the menacing biker who calls himself Wez of the Chaos Kings MC. His massive body is covered in tattoos and he’s the most intimidating man I’ve ever met. But his overbearing and primal energy has this effect on me, like a moth with broken wings, is drawn to a hot flame.

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Conquered by Chaos by Linny Lawless