Guilty as Charged

by Harlow James

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Guilty as Charged by Harlow James
Sydney Matthews.

Prom queen, cheerleading captain, and royal pain in my ass.

I haven’t seen her in ten years and in our first reconciliation, I end up with soda spilled on the crotch of my pants while she sways in front of me in her cowboy boots.

I chalk up our meeting as a coincidence, but then she starts popping up everywhere, including the self-defense class I teach in the evenings at my best friend’s gym.

Tight spandex slathers her curves and her sassy mouth starts to play tricks on my mind, making me yearn for a girl that is so far out of my league it’s not even funny.

You see, Sydney is a lawyer now, and I just got out of prison.

I’m trying to get my life back on track and stay away from temptation. But the princess from the other side of town is igniting a craving in my body that I can’t ignore.

Seems she feels it too because one night she asks me to fuck her and I about choke on my tongue.

Friends with benefits becomes the game we’re convinced we’re playing, but there’s a lot more friendly behavior happening than should.

And the lines get blurred so quickly, I feel myself falling for the girl that I want to corrupt with every flick of my tongue.

The girl I shouldn’t want, but do with every fiber of my body.

But will she still want me when she finds out what I did?

Will I fit into her world? A world that comes with an overbearing father who thinks he knows what’s best for his daughter even at twenty-eight?

One thing is for certain though:
When it comes to falling for Sydney Matthews, I’m guilty as charged.

*Trigger Warning: Past rape is referenced in plotline. Please be advised.

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Guilty as Charged by Harlow James