Axel (Zeta Security #3)

by B. P. Beth, Operation Alpha

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Axel by B. P. Beth, Operation Alpha
If there was one thing in the world I hated, it was wealthy men paying their way out of their sins, so I made it my life’s mission to expose those who thought they were untouchable.
And that drive, landed me in a world of trouble.
A bounty was set on my head.
Mercenaries were hired.
People got hurt.
But the real question was, could I learn to trust someone, or will my stubbornness be my downfall?

My life changed many years ago after a terrible incident. I haven’t lived since, not really.
I barely existed.
Then, a rambling spitfire gets thrown into my path, making me realize that maybe my life is worth a lot more than I thought.
But fate had other plans.
An unknown enemy was lurking around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to strike.
Will I be able to save her or will I lose the one person I have ever cared for?

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Axel by B. P. Beth, Operation Alpha