The Storm You Chase (Hell Yeah!)

by Sable Hunter, Ryan O'Leary

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The Storm You Chase (Hell Yeah!) by Sable Hunter, Ryan O'Leary
Storms are a force of nature. Like a woman. Beautiful. Nurturing. Dangerous.

Storms are inevitable – it’s not a matter of if they’ll come, only a matter of when.

Clint Wilder knew this to be gospel truth. In some weird way, he felt he attracted them – for every major, life-shaking storm in his life was always accompanied by a rip-roaring weather event. Like the day his father left home for the last time. Or the day he signed up to play professional football. Hell, the day he found out he was related to the McCoy’s, the bottom fell out of the sky.

That was also the day he met…her. Jensen Mistretta.

Talk about a storm! From the moment they met the sparks began to fly. Thunder. Lightning. No woman ever touched him the way Jensen did. Just one kiss and he was hooked. Addicted.
Now…if he could just make her feel the same way.

From Jensen’s standpoint – the man is trouble – pure trouble. She’d weathered enough storms in her life to know better than to walk headfirst into a hurricane. And that was what Clint reminded her of – he was big, powerful, and nothing could stop him once he set his course. Too bad they rubbed one another the wrong way.

When fate threw them together at a wilderness rescue program, some thought they’d kill one another before it was over. One thing for certain, they have to learn to trust and depend on each other – or else.

This love story is fraught with excitement, emotion, and enough heat to shame the sun. Clint and Jensen learn that not all storms should be avoided – there are definitely some worth chasing.

*Content Warning: This book contains adult and sexual situations. It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**

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The Storm You Chase (Hell Yeah!) by Sable Hunter, Ryan O'Leary