The Barrister's Challenge: Sweet Regency Romance (Heirs of Berkshire #2)

by Karen Lynne

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 6th, 2020  | 

The Barrister's Challenge: Sweet Regency Romance by Karen Lynne

A tragic accident shrouded in mystery. A family burdened with loss and debt. A woman who risks it all for love.

Walter Longman is heartsick over Patience Hawthorne, but gives up his pursuit her after her controlling mother refused his offer of marriage.

He focuses on the law to drive heartache from his mind, but is interrupted when his brother is killed in a mysterious tragedy. Walter returns home to Wallingford to piece together what little information he can.

Sifting through his brother’s affairs, he finds shocking discoveries that complicate the mystery of his brother’s death.

Patience is heartbroken at the death of Walter’s brother, but determines to make amends. She seeks clues to help Walter find answers, only to find her life in danger.

She will do anything to prove her love to Walter? even as danger lurks around the Longman estate.

A sweet, clean and wholesome historical romance where best friends fine their happily ever after.

Book Two in the Heirs of Berkshire series

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The Barrister's Challenge: Sweet Regency Romance by Karen Lynne