State of Grace (The Maine Stay #1)

by J.J. Grice

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State of Grace by J.J. Grice

Ten years ago, I ran from not only my hometown, but from Damion. I couldn’t stand to look him in the eyes knowing what I’d done. I never planned to come back, but here I am. He wants answers. Answers I should have given him ten years ago. Can I tear open those old wounds without completely turning my life upside down? Can I resist falling back in love with him?


Ten years ago, without a single word or explanation, Casey left me. I’ve spent every moment since hoping for the opportunity to redeem myself. Now she’s back and this is my chance to apologize for the pain I caused her. What I hadn’t anticipated, was for the same feelings to come roaring back, even fiercer than before. Will she be willing to forgive me? And most importantly, can I convince her to stay?

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State of Grace by J.J. Grice