Winds of Change (Sisterhood of Jade #14)

by Billi Jean

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Winds of Change by Billi Jean
Jacob had never been a man who sought trouble.

Jacob lost the will to care when he lost the one thing that ever mattered to him—his beloved Gwen. When he’s thrown back into his childhood home and discovers that Gwen lives again, he’s more than willing to take on the Black Queen to win a chance at a lifetime with his beloved.

Greer is a cursed warrior, called back from the darkness of death to serve in the battle between good and evil. Only once did she live as a woman free of their control. And, as a result, an entire kingdom fell. Now, called back to face the three witches who cursed her to never-ending reincarnation, she must also face the only man who ever held her heart and chance losing him when he learns she is not the princess he once knew.

In Jacob’s opinion, waking up to face a mage more ancient than his legend is bad. Waking up and facing a woman who looks like the one he’d given his heart to, yet who claims she isn’t that woman, is even worse. When the mage and the warrior-girl decide he should be the next king of the Vampires, he knows he should head back to his adopted realm. The only thing stopping him is the need for revenge—and a woman who might not be a princess but the one who owns his heart, nevertheless.

Reader advisory: This book can stand alone but is best read as part of a series. It contains scenes of violence, gore, torture and attempted murder.

General Release Date: 6th October 2020

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Winds of Change by Billi Jean