Mr. Pink

by Patrick Hjertén

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 6th, 2020  | 

Mr. Pink by Patrick Hjertén

Half Swedish and half English, Mr. Pink is sexy, sophisticated, and hellbent on brutal revenge.His devastating good looks, impeccable pedigree, and enviable self-esteem allow Mr. Pink to play by his own rules. While jet-setting between Stockholm and London, this sociopathic magazine publisher is planning revenge on a narcotics kingpin. As he springs the perfect trap to redeem his painful past, Mr. Pink takes readers on a lusty, action-packed adventure.

For Mr. Pink, sex is a way to manipulate others and gets what he wants. He uses every trick in the book—and invents some new ones—to play his lovers like a finely crafted instrument. That is until Andreas. When an emotionally wounded Swedish journalist crosses his path, they enter into a volatile, passionate relationship. As the two men lay bare their vulnerabilities, Mr. Pink must confront his reflection and wonder if he likes what he sees.

'Mr. Pink' is tagged as:

  • suspense 2
  • erotica 2
  • m-m 2
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Mr. Pink by Patrick Hjertén