Song of Crows (Song and Storm Trilogy #2)

by Kayla Maya

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Song of Crows by Kayla Maya
The second installment to the enchanting Song and Storm Trilogy...

Bryn had never expected to steal the mask from the king, nor did she expect to survive the glittering court life that came along with it. With the mask in her possession, she has become the most wanted criminal--to both royalty and the Order of the Crow--in all the Five Kingdoms. With North's betrayal and declaration of love still weighing heavily on Bryn's heart, it's becoming harder to keep herself hidden. The Order of the Crow want her dead and will go to any lengths to do so, even if it meant finding and killing North before Bryn can even find him. Bryn also didn't count on meeting Ross, the handsome hunter charged with finding North at any cost.

North never expected to journey to the Academy of Stonehenge, nor did he expect to meet Tonya, the girl whose past is just as dark as his. With his love for Bryn and his betrayal towards her still fresh on his mind, he does what any man does. He tries to forget her. Even being top of his class does him no good, especially since he's on the radar for countless bounty hunters hired by the Order of the Crow's leader, Sister Grace. With his magic betraying him and his unrelenting heart, he goes back to the only place he knows Bryn would never look. The Crystal Kingdom.

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Song of Crows by Kayla Maya