Anyone But A Duke (Sin & Sensibility (3)) (Sin and Sensibility #3)

by Betina Krahn

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Anyone But A Duke (Sin & Sensibility (3)) by Betina Krahn
"The youngest of four spirited American sisters, Sarah Bumgarten has studiously avoided her mother's attempts to find her a titled husband among London's aristocracy. Now, after an earl's very public rejection, it seems her ideal mate will be anyone but a duke, a marquis, a baron, or a viscount . . . Thankfully, there are no noblemen in sight at Betancourt, the country estate where Sarah takes refuge. Its rightful owner, the Duke of Meridian, sibling to Sarah's brother-in-law, has been absent for years. Accompanied by her bevy of beloved animals, Sarah delights in refurbishing the once-grand property. But even a self-assured frontier heiress needs help when greedy tenants are threatened by her presence . . . Out of nowhere, a stranger jumps into the fray when ruffians attack. Nothing about "Art," the roguish interloper-now recuperating in the ducal bedchamber-smacks of nobility, with his brazen sensuality, worldly knowledge, and deeply seductive voice. Yet could he be the errant duke? If so, Sarah soon realizes this homecoming promises to be filled with unexpected challenges and passionate possibilities . "--

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Anyone But A Duke (Sin & Sensibility (3)) by Betina Krahn