Loved By A Billionaire: Ma Lai

by K. Renee

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Loved By A Billionaire: Ma Lai by K. Renee
Rerelease***After the death of their father, sisters, Ciera and Ari Voss developed a bond that not many can comprehend. Struggling through life, the sister’s lean on each other for support and guidance.

Juelz Kassom is the king of the streets. After becoming a billionaire thanks to a lucrative drug enterprise, Juelz has finally ready to go legit. Although the transition seems like it should be smooth, it turns out to be the exact opposite. Motivated by the death of his fiancé and daughters’ mother, Juelz knows he has to leave the streets alone before it’s too late.

As his brother’s keeper, it’s only right that Zelan Kassom take over his brother’s empire. The only problem is Zelan is known for his reckless behavior. Will he be able to keep his brother’s empire afloat? Will his wild ways have Juelz rethinking his decision?

Neither Ciera nor Ari have ever been in a true committed relationship but the Kassom brother’s aim to change that. Each couple will face obstacles that threaten to tear them apart and have them questioning if pursing a relationship in the right choice. Will they be able to silence all doubts and become the two most powerful couples New York has ever experienced, or will forces stronger than them find a way to destroy love before it even happens?

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Loved By A Billionaire: Ma Lai by K. Renee