Stolen Heart: Historical Regency Romance (Heirs of London #2)

by Joyce Alec

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 10th, 2020  | 

Stolen Heart: Historical Regency Romance by Joyce Alec
When Colin is told that he is not the simple farmer he believes himself to be, but instead, is the new Marquess of Lindale, he can barely bring himself to believe it. Within weeks, he finds himself in London, thrust into the very heart of society and surrounded by a great number of beautiful young ladies.

However, there is none so intriguing than Lady Ellen who, for some reason, has taken something that belongs to him. Determined to find the truth, Colin tries to draw close to her and, in doing so, finds his heart more than a little confused.

Lady Ellen has long despised the Lindale line. With her father unjustly treated by the late Lord Lindale, she is determined to dismiss the rumors about him. But needing proof, Ellen finds herself sneaking into places she ought not to be and taking what is not her own. When it becomes clear that Lord Lindale suspects her, Ellen must decide what to do - will she tell him the truth and risk him discounting her plight? Or will she stay silent and continue with her deception, ignoring the strange yearnings of her heart?

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Stolen Heart: Historical Regency Romance by Joyce Alec