Nihility (Once Upon A Villain Season 2 #8)

by King Ellie

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Nihility by King Ellie
I gave up everything, even my divinity...Yet, here I am finding myself with a second chance. 
You know what I say to my second chance? F*ck it and F*ck you.

I don’t need it. What I need is to get lost, to forget. The one attempt I had at changing my life, I was given the cruelest joke of life. 

I told you; I don’t need it or her. 

What the f*ck is your problem? Leave me alone. Let me be. I don’t intend on loving or apologizing to her, even though I caused her scar. I’m not saying she deserves it but f*ck  sometimes, you hand us shit that we have to put up with. 

I don’t like the way she eyes me. The way I have the potential of losing myself in her eyes. I am not for anyone. You hear me? 
So, take this up with someone else. Not Me.

Nihility; It’s how I feel. It’s how I am. How I’ll always be...All I feel is nothingness.

Gideon Del Rey

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Nihility by King Ellie