The Queen's Coterie (Curse of the Goddess)

by Tilly Hart

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The Queen's Coterie (Curse of the Goddess) by Tilly Hart
An isolated queen. Five men battling to win her hand. One life or death curse.

Queen Odenna is queen in naught but name. She had long been kept sheltered and hidden from her kingdom, encouraged to spend her days surrounded by the dusty old spell books with awaken nothing but dread in her. The women of her family have long carried powers in their bloodline, but as the generations pass, the magic dwindles and by Odenna's reign, it is nothing but a trickle.

All that changes when she is faced with having to choose between the hordes of men who come to fight to win her favour, and with the final five decided, she must whittle them down to only one. Choosing the wrong man will lead to her death, and it did to her mother and grandmother before her.

The trials are supposed to make her choice easier, but someone has rigged them to harm the suitors, and Odenna isn't going to take the interference lightly when her existence is on the line. Armed with a fistful of letters from her dead mother, and with her five men forming alliances to help her, she must uncover the deception which restrains her power before it is too late.

Growing closer to each man only heightens her difficulty in her final choice. When all of the men fit her personality in different ways, why must she choose between them?

The Queen's Coterie is an epic reverse harem fantasy romance with a heroine who needs to break her shackles to become the goddess she was born to be.

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The Queen's Coterie (Curse of the Goddess) by Tilly Hart