A Love Like His

by J.D. Parks

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A Love Like His by J.D. Parks
A Love Like His follows four brides on their personal journeys towards Holy matrimony, but there is one problem: they must successfully complete a one-week couple's retreat before Pastor Charlotte Moore will agree to officiate their weddings.

Rosalyn has yet to meet a man she can't have, and Brandon Lowe is no exception. As an up and coming fashion designer, he is her one-way ticket to Atlanta's upper echelon and an escape from her past. Therefore, she will stop at nothing to become his lifelong trophy—and wife—well, unless someone more appetizing arrives.

Troi knows a vulture when she sees one, and Rosalyn fits the bill. She would hate to see Brandon, her closest friend, make the biggest mistake of his life, but she has her own relationship to monitor. With her stability constantly in question and her own mother presiding as both her pastor and retreat therapist, she is prepared for a retreat from hell.

Maliah, on the other hand, is an accomplished counselor who suffers from her own insecurities. She has the man she’s been searching for, but does she deserve him? She’s not sure that she does, especially considering how different she is from his ex. Her heart tells her that he’s the man for her, her mind says otherwise.

Alyssa owes her career to her fiancé, Keith, who has proven to be a man of vision, leadership, and ambition. But fidelity? Not so much. As she grapples with making her own decisions for her life, she must re-evaluate her idea of marriage and womanhood. Luckily, she has new friends to help. A Love Like His is sure to be a charming tale of deception, self-discovery, spiritual growth, and companionship, as four brides and a pastor explore the true meaning of God-ordained love.

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A Love Like His by J.D. Parks