Curse of the Fae: A Fae Fantasy Romance: (Poison Penitentiary #2)

by Taylor Spratt

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Curse of the Fae: A Fae Fantasy Romance: by Taylor Spratt
Hades and his army are out for blood. Too bad I’m their target….

I hope you’re prepared because your favorite alpha fae is back and ready for action, and this time it’s personal.

Warden Blackwater has far from given up. I guess she didn’t like the fact that I had four handsome friends willing to help me escape. Because now she’s upped the stakes, putting a price on my head and on my men as well. And Hades is all too eager to claim the prize for himself.

If that wasn’t bad enough, now my brother is at the center of a millennia old family curse. And Blackwater plans to sacrifice him to subdue the curse.

I wish I could say that my team was ready and rearing to battle it out with her and help me save my brother. But all isn’t well between me and my men.

Alexandros and Broderick straight up killed me in a past life and now they expect me to just get over it like it never happened? While my sweet Jaime, or should I say Zero’s better half, plans to stay in prison forever just to keep me safe from him?

And Broderick? He claims to have had a change of heart and now he says he’s in love with me. No way, I don’t trust that crafty dragon as far as I can throw him.

With Blackwater and Hades’s army out to get us, will they even need to destroy us or will we sabotage ourselves first?

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Curse of the Fae: A Fae Fantasy Romance: by Taylor Spratt