The Rawhide Man

by Diana Palmer

4.02 · 12 ratings · Published: Oct 12th, 2020  | 

The Rawhide Man by Diana Palmer
IT WAS A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE...But convenient for whom? Jude Langston had practically kidnapped Bess White and brought her to his San Antonio ranch. It wasn't that he'd wanted her so desperately--he didn't even like Bess. No, Jude's cool green eyes were firmly fixed on the shares of his company that she'd inherited.Bess had always thought of Jude as the Rawhide Man--lean and rough. But then she discovered he could also be unexpectedly gentle, and it devastated her. For as much as she fought it, Jude had captured her heart. Yet how could she stay in a marriage that was so much less than such a union should be?

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The Rawhide Man by Diana Palmer