Never Too Late (Forged of Steele #0.5)

by Brenda Jackson

3.83 · 6 ratings · Published: Oct 12th, 2020  | 

Never Too Late by Brenda Jackson
Sienna and Dane Bradford's marriage has fallen apart and they're headed for divorce. Sienna decides to visit their vacation cabin in the mountains to gather her belongings. One last sojourn to revisit a place where they once knew love. She's barely arrived when Dane appears, surprised to see her as she is him. While they try to dance around what went wrong with their marriage, a sudden snowstorm traps them in the cabin.

Forced to face each other with no distractions, Sienna and Dane can't deny the spark that still sizzles between them. Slowly and surely, they begin to converse, trying to find out what happened. Why did a couple so in love suddenly no longer communicate? For Sienna, she felt constricted and out of place in Dane's wealthy family. Dane sensed her slipping away, but how could he show her he loved her no matter what? The snow ends, but not the rekindling of their love for each other. Will Sienna and Dane find the way back to loving each other again?

Brenda Jackson's NEVER TOO LATE is a heartwarming tale of reunited lovers that will leave you smiling.

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  • african-american 2
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  • super rich hero 2
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Never Too Late by Brenda Jackson