Tru (Hell's Ankhor #7)

by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda

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Tru by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda
Was it wrong to tell Beau’s mother he’s my boyfriend?
Would I do it again?
In a heartbeat.
The smokin’ hot fireman isn’t exactly in the closet, but he’s been keeping things quiet for years.
I don’t do quiet.
All the guys in Hell’s Ankhor know I have to be true to myself. That’s why they call me Tru.
Beau and I are nothing alike. Doesn’t matter.
The attraction between me and the fire chief is hot enough to burn.
But there’s danger in town, too much for us to get hung up on each other.
Yeah, too late for that.

Do I want to kill Tru for lying to my mom?
A little.
But the look on her face was worth the fallout.
The easy-going biker is nothing like me. He’s impulsive. Brash.
I’ve never dated another guy before, and I should probably walk away.
Too bad I can’t.
When we get wrapped up in an arsonist’s plot, I have to wonder if Tru wants me or an open flame.
My doubts are nearly enough to smother any ember of love, but I need to be stronger than that.
Can we still make things work after all the flames are doused?

Tru has bad boys, bikers, and a fire chief finally ready to step all the way out of the closet and into the arms of his not-so-fake boyfriend.

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Tru by Aiden Bates, Ali Lyda