Dice and Diamonds

by Toy

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Dice and Diamonds by Toy
Every little girl has dreams to be a princess, doctor, lawyer or maybe just a socialite; but not Diamond......

Diamond always dreamed of being a boss, not just an ordinary Boss; but theBoss of Bosses. She dreamed of kicking the doors down in a men’s arena and owning her very own casino where she was the sole proprietor.

Dice had no other choice but to Boss up on his circumstances or succumb to the hand he was dealt. Dice never being the person to accept average, took adversity and made it his victory. No, he didn’t do the cliche of becoming a KingPin; he mastered the art of gambling.

So what happens when the professional gambler and the new reigning Queen of Las Vegas cross paths?

Yes, there is an automatic attraction; but are they ready for their worlds being turned upside down from encountering one another.

Let’s find out how Dice and Diamond handle their unconventional meeting.

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Dice and Diamonds by Toy