ALPHAS Lance: An Instalove Enemies to Lovers Military Romance

by Pandora Snow

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ALPHAS Lance: An Instalove Enemies to Lovers Military Romance by Pandora Snow

Sweating my studly balls off laboring away for my Dad isn’t my idea of fulfillment. Scoring an interlude with the sensual siren Miss Conner is. She thinks I’m a filthy egotistical power-hungry maverick: guilty as charged. Can I channel my inner Charming to win her vulnerable cherished heart?


Perspiration pours down my exhausted face, the salty drops soaking my favorite Navy t-shirt. 

I didn’t expect Dad to throw me into the fire of the flaming California sun my first day on the job.

The burden of perfection is a steep price to pay when you’re raised a Bishop.

But relief comes quickly in the form of an electrifying real estate agent, a voluptuous attractive brown-haired beauty.

I refuse her professional handshake because my filthy fingers are covered in ketchup.

Now she’s pissed, but holy hell is she sexy.

Her paper-thin clothes are clinging to every abundant curve. I can practically see everything. She’s a full-blown knockout.

So when we go from friendly conversation, to discussing multi-million-dollar business, to a passionate searing kiss, she surrenders to my aggressive advances.

Except now she’s not okay with the last part.

Good Lord, women are impossible to understand. 

Pressures multiply as an unexpected threat, just two days into my dream job, calls into question my true alliances.

When my beholden smitten eyes see Aiden betray our steamy relationship for her ex, everything I thought I wanted crumbles to the ground.

Should I reconsider pursuing my selfish identity and sacrifice my happiness to fulfill Dad’s dream of a father/son partnership?

Is there an ounce of hope what I saw my girl do isn’t what it seemed?

I’m going to need more than a glass slipper to give my love her happy ending.

I need a miracle.


My noon meeting with Mr. Bishop is a golden opportunity to earn a coveted notch in my rookie real estate belt.

Imagine my jaw-dropping at the sweaty, filthy hunk of a man exiting the cab. His clothes are damp, his hair is disheveled, and he’s covered head to toe in a layer of red clay. 

Holy hell, is he sexy.

But his obnoxious, arrogant attitude is souring the deal, his bravado unmatched. His handsome Navy ass is mistaken if he thinks I’ll relent to his fierce advances without a fight.

I may be new at the real estate game, but I can bring a man to his knees with my curvaceous sensual body. Game on bigshot. 

When my boss humiliates me for failing to close the multi-million-dollar deal, the pressure to perform clouds my good judgment.

A wealthy overseas kingpin offers me a golden lifeline, an exclusive contract managing his properties.

Only he left out a critical expectation. My submissive body comes with the luxury lease.

If that’s not bad enough, Lance sees me receiving a friendly peck from my ex, his imagination wild with negative assumptions.

Oh, and I woke up in my ex’s bed too.

Circumstantial evidence is hard to deny, but I was a victim of inadvertent misunderstanding.

Will my fatal mistake of trusting these two men steal my chance for a fairy tale ending with my cocksure sailor, and cost me my career? 

Lance is a sexy, steamy, enemies to lovers military romance. If you love happy endings with a heaping pile of drama on the side, read Lance today.

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ALPHAS Lance: An Instalove Enemies to Lovers Military Romance by Pandora Snow