Writing God (Cult X Series #1)

by H.M. Brooks

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 13th, 2020  | 

Writing God by H.M. Brooks
1...2...3... I’m coming for you.
4...5...6... I’m going to make you pay.

I’m a male author, equivalent to a rock star. My fandom, Cult X is making my life miserable and trying to destroy my life’s work.

Six thirsty little birds I will pick. I’ll give them the VIP experience with me for one night making all their nightmares come true.

Oh didn’t I mention I’m a horror romance author with a dark past and these ladies are about to find out I am the monsters that I create.

Trigger Warning: For 18+ readers only
The content in this story contains violence, blood, gore, child abuse and sexual assault. It’s a wild story that will push boundaries beyond your imagination.

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Writing God by H.M. Brooks