Unbound (Part #2)

by Byna Whitlock

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Oct 14th, 2020  | 

Unbound by Byna Whitlock
What is Unbound Origins?

Unbound Origins is an anthology of stories first published on UnboundDarknessRises.com. These stories take place around the storyline of Unbound, an apocalyptic thriller set to hit the shelves in late 2015.

Unbound Origins introduces you to a zombie apocalypse by telling short stories of various characters who are reacting to the devastation of their world.


Find out what happens next by visiting: www.unbounddarknessrises.com.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@ZombiesUnbound) and like us on Facebook (facebook.com/zombiesunbound).

Find out more about the inspiration behind Unbound by visiting http://unbounddarknessrises.com/about/.

'Unbound' is tagged as:

  • dystopian 2
  • young adult 2
  • science fiction 2
  • fantasy 2
  • new adult 2
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Unbound by Byna Whitlock