Picture Us (Turn it Up #3)

by Natalie Parker

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Picture Us by Natalie Parker

I hate clichés.

The universe knows this, so imagine my surprise when I wind up as one.

I took one night off from busting my ass at my photography business to go have fun for the first time in months… and now, here I am… the cliché who got knocked up by the player from a one night stand.


Now, after telling Tyler we shouldn’t exchange numbers and just keep it as a one-time thing, I have to go tell him.

Luckily I know where to find him, but how in hell am I supposed to tell him, the guy who “doesn’t do relationships”, that he has over-achieving sperm and he’s going to be a dad?

One way to find out…


Annie wasn’t someone I figured I’d ever see again.

She always stuck in my mind because she’s the only woman who never fell for my well-practiced bullsh*t lines.

When she walks into the bar where I work, the crazy attraction still sizzles between us, and while I always imagined a night spent together would be insanely hot, I never imagined it would wind up being the best night of my life.

When she refuses to exchange numbers - something I’d normally consider a favor - for some reason, this time it leaves me… gutted.

I’m beyond surprised when she marches back into my life a couple of months later, madder than a wet hornet because I knocked her up.

But the biggest surprise of all is that I’m not scared. I’m excited. I want this baby… and I want Annie.

But how can I, a former player, convince her that I’m serious about this, about her, about us? Annie’s it for me and I know it, now I just need her to be willing to give me a chance, to Picture Us… together.

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Picture Us by Natalie Parker