His Desire: Book 1

by Tasha Fawkes

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His Desire: Book 1 by Tasha Fawkes
I had it all. And then I choked.

Entrusted with the keys to my father's business empire, the board naysayers argued I wasn't ready to lead Steele Ventures. That I was going to crash and burn after my appointment as CEO. But those smarmy thousand-dollar-suit-wearing bastards didn't know I had a plan to finally silence them.

It's been three years since the failed merger with our biggest rival Gray Industries. And hardly a day goes by that the chairman of the board—my father Howard Steele—doesn't remind me about it. Now there are growing calls for my resignation, but the board are dead wrong if they think I'll go quietly. Not when I still have to erase the only stain on my perfect career record. Nothing else matters to me.

Or should I say mattered to me. With my career hanging by a thread, all my plans went to sh*t when she joined me on an elevator ride straight to hell. We survived. Isabella is a distraction I can't afford right now. But I have to see her again . . . even if I have to visit every comedy club in town to find her.


That's how many times I've been left speechless in my life. The first was a long time ago and I don't like to talk about it. Seeing him at the comedy club was the second. Trust me when I tell you it takes a lot to shut me up, and freezing on stage is every stand-up's nightmare.

Braden Steele wasn't supposed to find me. Billionaire CEO's don't belong in my world. Is this fate? Or is he a world-class stalker? Maybe he thinks our near-death experience meant something. That been trapped together in an elevator is a sign from the universe. But right now I don't give a sh*t because he's screwing up my routine. And that's where I draw the line. Because comedy is all I got. It's my meal-ticket out of my crappy life.

They say truth lies at the heart of all good comedy. Well, that's a problem for someone who's spent their life running from the past. Probably also explains why I'm still struggling to make it in this game. But there's another truth that scares me more. If he came to me, I'd ask him to stay . . .

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His Desire: Book 1 by Tasha Fawkes