Journals of a Lady's Scandal: A Historical Regency Romance Book

by Emily Honeyfield

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Journals of a Lady's Scandal: A Historical Regency Romance Book by Emily Honeyfield
When Victoria Belleville realises her fiancé, Mr. Harry Lyndon, isn't the gentleman she thought he was, she instantly frees herself from this hopeless engagement. Ever since, though, he has been spreading rumours that she is a scandalous cold hearted woman, who gave up on him. How can Victoria tell anyone the truth, when the cruel society is waiting for a just a misstep to tear her apart? After all, since she decided to dance on the wild side, every member of high society despises her, and her reputation is in tatters... Can she ever hope to recover from the damage? Just when she thinks she is ruined forever, she meets the dazzling Duke of Charleston who, to her surprise, is very tempted by her. Trouble is, once she's tasted this sizzling connection, she only wants more... Could Victoria ever find her way back into her former status and discover true love?

Benjamin Farraday, the Duke of Charleston, is under his family's pressure to find a suitable Duchess. When he sees Victoria Belleville, he knows she is the most tempting woman he has ever beheld, but there is something he is not aware of- her reputation. When he finds out, he regretfully tries to put the wicked Lady firmly out of his mind. He is a Duke after all, and he has always known that his duty is to marry well... However, ever since he met her, he instantly felt she is the woman his heart and body belong to. As a man, it's tormenting to be so very close to the beauty he is fighting to ignore... As her questionable reputation clashes with undeniable passion, will he make the right decision?

A Lady discredited by her former fiancé. A Duke, who must marry a Lady of impeccable reputation. They can never stand a chance at love... or can they? More obstacles come their way, as Victoria is desperately trying to recover her reputation, while her former fiancé is determined to destroy it. After everything, will she manage to convince the Duke she is so much more than the rumours that surround her? With the fire between them burning hotter than ever, will they be cursed to lose each other or will their flaring connection turn into an everlasting flame?

"Journals of a Lady's Scandal" is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Journals of a Lady's Scandal: A Historical Regency Romance Book by Emily Honeyfield