What a Duchess Does (Lords and Undefeated Ladies #3)

by Judith Lynne

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What a Duchess Does by Judith Lynne
Her mother's scheme with a duke as cold as the devil could transform Selene from a housemaid to a duchess in a matter of days.

Selene de Gauer has learned that if she wants to survive, she needs to take what life throws at her, and laugh anyway. A descendant of one of the oldest families in Britain, she's lost her sight, then her father, then her hopes of marriage when her father’s heir left her and her mother destitute.

Nicholas Hayden, the Duke of Talbourne, learned early in life never to show what he wanted or whom he loved. He takes his role in the House of Lords seriously, and knows how to play one side against the other to get his way. His passion for the housemaid he has rescued and turned into his duchess threatens everything he has built for his life.

The Duke of Talbourne ought to be a welcome lifeline, but Selene dares to want a marriage that isn't just for show. If she's going to make a deal with this devil, she has demands of her own.

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What a Duchess Does by Judith Lynne