Blacc Rose

by Shanel

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Blacc Rose by Shanel
If someone wanted to know what Hell looked like, all they had to do was look at where Rose lived. Life is hard, and as much as she tried to cover it up, it showed. Lorenzo is an animal, and he makes her want to give up on everything. The only thing holding her together is dancing.
Rose is in love with the art of ballet. It is her first love, and there is nothing that would make her give up on it. Even with a bruised face, or cracked ribs, she would never stop escaping into dance and teaching her students.
When Yamir walks into her studio, stunning her, she struggles with trying to hold onto her rational mind, telling herself that entertaining Yamir could get her killed. But...he is so enticing, and he makes her feel alive for the first time in a very long time.
When things go real bad between her and Lorenzo, Yamir steps in and turns into her savior, but at what cost? Rose gets news that she was not prepared for and isn't sure what to do about it. However, the choice is snatched away from her before she can wrap her mind around it.
Will she ever be able to get away from Lorenzo, or will he always be in the corners of her mind, hiding in the shadows and unwilling to let her go?

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Blacc Rose by Shanel