Claimed by Pride (Seven Deadly Sins #1)

by Liz Knox, Elizabeth Knox

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Claimed by Pride by Liz Knox, Elizabeth Knox
I’m trapped by a curse, cast by Lucifer himself. Although, I’m not the only one. My half-brothers are subjected to the same torment. We don’t know the reasoning, yet Lucifer ensured each of us is plagued with one of the seven deadly sins.
We’ve all accepted our fates, and while we work to figure out a way to free ourselves of this mental prison we try to do the one thing we can do— live our lives.
I live in a remote part of Russia, on the side of the Dykh-Tau Mountain, away from those who wouldn’t be able to understand us. While my home is private, it also grants me access to the border of Eastern Europe.
You see, I’m a kill-for-hire assassin. I don’t care who you want dead, all I want is to make sure I’m being paid the right price.
None of it mattered until a certain little thief became my target. Now, I’m only left wondering how I’ll finish this job, or if I’ll finish it.

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Claimed by Pride by Liz Knox, Elizabeth Knox