Wreck (Gentry Generations #5)

by Cora Brent

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Wreck by Cora Brent
Not too long ago my future was all mapped out.
Then two brutal swings of a steel bat wielded by a maniac wrecked my world.
The adrenaline high I used to get from pitching a perfect game is gone.
The major league dreams I counted on have vanished.
And the peace of mind I took for granted is shattered.
The thrills I seek out now are self-destructive.
I know this and I can’t stop.
What I didn’t expect is for my downward spiral to be interrupted by a shy beauty with a messy past.
Gracie and I are very different. And yet we’re tragically alike.
I can prove to her that we’re supposed to be together.
All she has to do is give me the chance.
And all I have to do is remember how to be the guy she thinks I am.

I’ve learned the hard way that one reckless mistake can topple your house of cards.
And I thought I was finished taking chances.
But Thomas Gentry made it clear he was on a mission to break my armor and guys like Thomas didn’t come along every day.
He was as charming as he was headstrong, as sexy as he was protective.
He put all the book heroes I’ve ever drooled over to shame.
Falling for Thomas was inevitable.
And I was his before I understood something important.
We both need to find a way to heal ourselves.
Otherwise we might ruin each other forever.

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Wreck by Cora Brent