by Moon Bey

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Swingin' by Moon Bey
When a new school player links with an old school freak, the remix is sure to be fire.

Miya has made it her mission never to regret what served her at the moment. She drinks extra water after leg day, cleans her crystals, working on multiple degrees, and enjoys adding to her body count on the weekends.
If she truly needs something, it flows to her effortlessly. She's never wanted for a thing in life. Her well-off music industry family roots played a big part in that. Returning home from school for her uncle's 50th birthday weekend bash, she's decided to give at least one guy some action if asked since she's recently cleared her roster. That plan goes away when Miya locks eyes with Jidda.

Though enamored by the stride in her eye-catching walk, J.P. "Jidda" Parker dismisses Miya. He's been down that road before with young, naive lovers. To him, girls like Miya bring nothing but stress and tabloids into his life. Things a man his age has long outgrown. Never one to turn down a chance to prove someone wrong, Miya makes her intentions clear. Risking the friendship of his oldest friend, Jidda entertains the idea of teaching her a thing or two.

Who will win this fast-paced battle of passion? The answer will leave you swingin'.

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Swingin' by Moon Bey