The Succubus Queen (Amber's Erotic Possession #2)

by Kyle Canon

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The Succubus Queen by Kyle Canon
The long awaited sequel to 'Amber's Erotic Possession'.

One year ago on Halloween night, The Queen of the Succubae - Lilith, possessed a helpless virgin in a place that had been her prison for millennia. Amber and her friends were outcasts, members of the geekiest book club on campus and all virgins! Each year they would find a haunted location to spend their Halloween. This year it was Amber’s turn to pick the spot and she found the perfect location; an abandoned Brothel which had been the site of many mysterious murders over the last century.

She had no idea a malevolent entity occupied the premises and would take them on a night of ultimate terror and sexual depravity.

Using Amber's body, Lilith seduced the men who were her best friends. Seduced them and drained their life energy in the process. Helpless in her own body, Amber could only watch in terror as she was the instrument of her friends demise.

Now, Lilith is free in a college town filled with horny students.

This is what happened next.

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The Succubus Queen by Kyle Canon