Fairy Tale Wife : The Cinderella Ball Series (The Cinderella Ball Series, Book #2)

by Day Leclaire

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Fairy Tale Wife : The Cinderella Ball Series by Day Leclaire
Married by Midnight!
You’re invited to a wedding . . . your own.
Come to the Cinderella Ball single and leave happily wed.

The Cinderella Ball is the chance of a lifetime for individuals to come together to find their special someone. Their one and only. Their soul mate. Obtaining a ticket isn’t easy, but for those select few, it offers the chance at a lifetime of happiness.

Brilliant businesswoman, Nikki Ashton is in a desperate situation. In order to hold her young, smitten boss at a safe distance, she invented a husband. Now she needs to produce her absentee soul mate or risk being outed as a liar, something that could bring a fast end to her stellar career. The Cinderella Ball offers the perfect solution. All she has to do is find a strong, alpha male willing to marry her … temporarily.

Tough, take-charge businessman, Jonah Alexander, will do everything necessary to protect his family, including marrying the gorgeous gold-digger who’s set her matrimonial sights on his baby brother. When he discovers the two are planning to attend some sort of marriage ball in order to tie the knot, he swoops in, his world upended by the gorgeous, desperate redhead.

What neither expects is the passion that explodes between them. Then Jonah discovers Nikki is keeping secrets, secrets that threaten to destroy his Fairy Tale Wife on a personal and professional level, and put a permanent end to their temporary marriage.

Note to Readers: Fairy Tale Husband is Book #1 in The Cinderella Ball Series, a contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author and eleven-time RITA© (Romance Writers of America) finalist, Day Leclaire. This story features an invitation to the fantastical Cinderella Ball, a hot alpha hero and the perfect woman for him, and a sizzling romance between soul mates. Click to buy Fairy Tale Husband today to experience this passionate romance for yourself!

This book includes a preview of Book #3 in The Cinderella Ball Series, Fairy Tale Wedding.


Q & A with Day Leclaire:

I understand you’ve actually received emails asking how to get a ticket to the Cinderella Ball? Is it real? If it isn’t, how did you come up with the idea?
I have received emails requesting tickets! And I know some people wish it did exist, but maybe it’s better to keep the Cinderella Ball a fantasy. The idea for the ball actually came to me in a dream! Thank goodness it was one of the dreams I actually remembered because I’ve had so much fun writing these stories!

Can you tell us one interesting detail about this particular book?
One of the romantic scenes included in the book actually happened in real life. I won’t tell you which one, but it involved counting clothing pieces. ;)

Can you tell me what order to read the books? Absolutely! Here you go:

Book #1: Fairy Tale Husband
Book #2: Fairy Tale Wife
Book #3: Fairy Tale Wedding
Book #4: Fairy Tale Marriage

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The Cinderella Ball Series: Contemporary Romance, Sexy Romance, and just a touch of Fantasy Romance

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Fairy Tale Wife : The Cinderella Ball Series by Day Leclaire