by Sienna Grant

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Anagram by Sienna Grant
A word…
A hidden meaning…
A simple game…

It’s a man’s world, so as the first female CEO of the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, I have to bring it to its knees every day. I live for my job because I’ve worked damn hard for it.
I’ve been called everything from a ballbuster to a maneater, but I wear the titles with pride. It means I’m feared and respected.
I have everything a powerful woman could want: the perfect job, the perfect Manhattan address, and the perfect man who’s as dominant in the boardroom as he is in the bedroom.
Until someone decides everything I have should belong to her.
Even when you’re on top of the world, you still have to watch your back. I didn’t, and in the blink of an eye found myself at rock bottom.
I lost everything from the man I loved, right down to my dignity.

Now my life has become a puzzle—an anagram that needs to be unraveled.
I always thought I was irreplaceable.
I was wrong.

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Anagram by Sienna Grant