Her Filthy Rich Boss: A Secret Baby Romance (Irresistible Billionaires #3)

by Summer Brooks

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Her Filthy Rich Boss: A Secret Baby Romance by Summer Brooks
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I’m exhausted.
I’m confused.
And even though my boss is a jerk, I’m still fantasizing about him.

Come on, who wouldn’t?
It’s Rhett Thompson… not only a celebrity real estate broker but pretty much everything else a woman finds hot in a guy.
Billionaire, playboy, gorgeous, insanely arrogant.

I tried to resist. I tried to lie to myself. I even ignored my intuition that was screaming at me to not take the job.
But I wouldn’t be a modern-day single girl if I listened to my intuition.

So, I made a checklist instead.
Don’t be dazzled by his charm.
Don’t fall in love.
And definitely, definitely don’t fall into his bed.

I failed at all of the above.

My job is to deal with Rhett’s messes, his scandalous after-hours debauchery.
But cleaning up ones he doesn’t know about… wasn’t in the contract.
I’m pregnant, way pregnant.

Of course, when the baby world comes crashing down on me like a ton of dirty diapers, Rhett decides it’s time to clean up his image.

So, now, I’m helping him improve his reputation while being pregnant… and holding a secret that will probably destroy it.

He Cannot Find Out.
Not Yet.

Not until I can figure out how to tell him that his frazzled, short-tempered, hot-headed assistant is carrying the heir to his entire kingdom.

Get ready for Sarah and Rhett's fun story and an unforgettable HEA... with no cliffhangers and no cheating!

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Her Filthy Rich Boss: A Secret Baby Romance by Summer Brooks